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OCRE new main sponsor for top division ladies peleton

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Next season, the secondment company OCRE will make its debut in the top division ladies peloton. we will be co-main sponsor of the team that has been active under the name Speelman-Haak in recent years and will appear on the ice this year with Janet Beers, Jessica Merkens, Muriël Meijer and Anne Leltz. After several years of sponsorship, Bouwbedrijf Speelman has decided to take a step back and OCRE has been prepared to take on the shared sponsorship and therefore also the name of the team.

Starting next season, the team will appear on the ice as OCRE-Haak. Mark Okkes of OCRE would make his debut as a sponsor in marathon skating last year, but there was no skating due to covid and that did not feel right. After a few conversations with Freddy Haak, he became enthusiastic and both companies decided to join forces and take on the main sponsorship together.

Freddy Haak of Haak Solutions has been associated with the team for a long time and now has a second space on the suit with his company Haak Chicory Equipment (materials for chicory processing). The ladies of the team have even had a real chicory suit designed in honor of this new sponsor, as a tribute to the well-known Brussels sprout suit.

The team leadership of Team OCRE Haak is provided by the duo Gerben de Ruiter Bekkering and Mark Polinder. Both had been involved with the team before, but De Ruiter Bekkering had indicated that the team leadership took too much time in combination with his current job and wanted to stop first. This solution with a shared team leadership is experienced as very pleasant.

The pledge team that was to be sponsored by OCRE last year had already been promised to continue. This team consists of Hilde-Marije Dijkstra, Amber Siegers, Famke Minnee and Leonie Beers and is led by Eyelien Bekkering De Ruiter. The U23 team affiliated with the OCRE-Haak top division ladies comes into action under the name Team Haak and consists of Lynn Dekker, Anneke Dijkstra and Kimberly Hoekstra.

Source: Schaatspeleton.nl


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