Interview with one of the first ocreans

4.02.21 | Newsupdates

OCRE started somewhere from nine to ten years ago. Step by step it grew into what it is today. The 31-year-old (young) Lindsey Meyer was part of OCRE from the very beginning. Back then OCRE already embraced its core values of flexibility, drive and involvement.

We travelled back in time by interviewing Meyer. Curious? Read further!

Let’s start with a bit of background information about Meyer. She is currently working at Boskalis Subsea Cables. Since 2016 she has worked hard to climb the ladder up to Senior Document Controller. She coordinates multiple projects during different stages and carries a variety of responsibilities for the alignment of people. “How did I find OCRE, you may ask? OCRE found me trough my sister who knew Mark!”

“OCRE was a fast-growing company and therefore (administrational) support was needed”, Meyer said. She highlighted that Mark was actively searching and had always been very keen on ‘hotello’s’ (students from the hotel academy). Meyer herself was a ‘hotello’ graduate. Mark asked her sister (who is an ocrean as well ) whether or not Meyer was up for a challenging job. In 2011 Meyer started at OCRE filling in two positions, she was the office and account manager for the Medical department at the Benoordenhoutseweg.

Meyer states: OCRE has always valued driven people who never give up, but also for those who are honest and add value to the world. OCRE really facilitates a safe environment for people to speak their minds.

“During the time I worked at OCRE, I always felt safe to say anything I wanted to say,” Meyer said, “even though I did not have any experience regarding the activities, I got the space and responsibility to make it my own.” Then Meyer adds: “Soon, other people came in to support the OCRE team and within a few years we had a wonderful team of hard-working people who have a good working mentality.”

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Interview with one of the first ocreans

OCRE started somewhere from nine to ten years ago. Step by step it grew into what it is today. The...

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