Clients should use OCRE because we do not only recruit for you, but can also take over certain activities from your company. Once acquired a company segment, we restructure, reposition and commercialize the activities of that segment again with higher efficiency, flexibility and quality level at lower cost.Also we offer consultancy services in project management, project team compilation, management development trajects, the complete spectrum of human resource management, recruitment, individual personal and team effectiveness and sales training.We exclusively search and select executives for the industry. We headhunt executive professionals for our clients. Beside these businesses, recruitment is our core business. We link people. We search and select the best professionals because we “know” professionals.


Some other points:

  • We move fast, very fast
  • Score high matching percentages
  • Listen and ask questions before providing solutions
  • Have the best trained and educated Recruiters and Account managers
  • Like authentic partnerships and like to stimulate team achievements
  • Have a depth knowledge of the specialist areas
  • And have a vast network

Offshore OCRE Expertise

Field of expertise

OCRE Offshore Services B.V. distinguishes five business lines

Specialist Area

In these business lines we recognise 50 specialist areas.