Services To Professionals


Sometimes, being an employee, you have to change to another employer. Because you want to or because you have to. OCRE can help you to take the right next step in your career. We can train, coach and help you to get the best focus and preparation to realise the best next step in your career. We focus on reaching highest possible personal vitality, necessary for you to convince future employers or clients. Together with training institutes we can help you to obtain certain knowledge levels to be prepared for the next step in your career.



We can accompany you, being a real professional in one of our business lines, to new projects and jobs. Sometimes you like some coaching to better achieve your goals.  We coach professionals in making the right decisions, to help discovering blind spots and to help you to impress clients and colleages in a natural and authentic way. You might think it is useful to improve your social skills or to improve your performance in professional and client contacts. Contact OCRE for more information.


ecruitment. This is the core business for OCRE. We connect people. We are the linking pin between client and professional. If you are a professional in one of our business lines you are welcome to discuss your professional possibilities and goals with us. We are always looking for consultancy, permanent and project staff. If you are a high level professional there are various contract possibilities with OCRE. We are always looking for professionals who work as contractor or who are looking for another permanent or temporary job. We hire professionals for permanent positions but also hire contractors and sole traders. So if you are interested to share your future plans with us, please contact us and send your CV.


Executive job search

If you are an executive professional and want to change to another executive job you can ask OCRE to do the job hunting. This is anonymous and discrete. We only provide this service to, in our opnion, real top executives in our business lines because the services for the professional is free and a very time consuming activity for our consultants. We can do some remuneration negotiation on forehand and by using OCRE as your initial anonymous spokes man your market value will be raised. It also gives you a good overview of your career possibilities in your market segment.