Perfect Match

Past and future

In 2009 OCRE Group was founded by Mark Okkes, MSc in Geology. The OCRE Group consists of OCRE Holding, OCRE Medical Services and OCRE Offshore Services. OCRE Medical Services supplies medical professionals to the healthcare institutes.

OCRE Offshore Services is NEN 4400-1 certified. We are partner of the Governmental Ministry of Security and Justice (Immigration and Naturalisation Service; IND) for employing highly skilled migrants. OCRE Offshore Services supplies consulting and project staffing in the global energy and offshore industries. Nowadays approximately 70 OCRE professionals are working worldwide on an variety of projects. We directly employ professionals and contractors to do the project for our clients.

We anticipate growth towards 350 employees in 2019 managed from three international offices.

The core values of OCRE are quick adequate response, knowledge, flexibility, continuity and quality. The best professional for all jobs has profound knowledge, communication skills, vast experience, enthusiastic drive, creativity and is psychological and somatic healthy and vital.

We never go for second best. It is all or nothing.


OCRE Principles

The OCRE Mission
The OCRE Philosophy
The OCRE Promise
Most important

OCRE Skills

Providing the best professional for the job scope
Employing the best professionals
Listening and asking questions
Coaching and managing professionals
Providing solutions to clients and professionals